The Appeal of Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs

The Appeal of Persian Rugs

Want to know what makes Persian rugs appealing? You will need to look at their history. The timeless beauty and appeal of various types of Persian rugs e.g. red Persian rug, blue Persian rug, etc. is woven into their history.

The history of Persian rugs tends to span back to some 3500-2000 BC i.e. the Bronze Age. Some of the researchers and rug experts believe that the Safavid dynasty is the root of these rugs that existed during the 16th and 17th century. Thanks to the rich Persian art and culture, the Persian carpets have gradually developed to an extent and are now among the most popular rugs in the world.

Although most of the original rugs from the era of the Safavid dynasty have been destroyed, some of the rug pieces have been saved and restored. The amazing artworks of the Persian rug weavers are perhaps the most appealing asset in the world.

Persian rugs of the predominant era are quite different from those and they are also the most appealing and demanding nowadays because of their amazing art. Blue Persian rug particularly tends to be the most pivotal and effective component that defines the dominant theme of the Persian culture and art.

Properties of the Persian Rugs

When you look at the properties of the Persian rugs, you come to realize why they are so appealing to most rug collectors. Nowadays, Persian rugs have transformed to a great extent. With the unique harmonization of the modern trend of the Persian rug decoration and the traditional Persian art, the way of decorating the interior of modern offices and homes has been revolutionized. You can still find the appealing aesthetic of the royal classical beauty in today’s red Persian rug.

The key property of these rugs is that their art is originally based on the Islamic culture – particularly the Shia Islam. This is one of the primary reasons behind the appeal of the Persian rugs as it involves the artistic dedication of classical Islamic style. Persian rugs nowadays tend to represent the artistic mix of the traditional Persian culture and amazing artworks.

The quality range of these rugs is made out of high quality silk, cotton, or wool. Although the Persian rugs made from silk are not as durable as the cotton and wool rugs, they still enjoy the highest demand in the rug market. The cotton and wool Persian rugs on the other hand, have acquired an even higher demand level.

Categories of the Persian rugs

Different categories of Persian rugs appeal to different customers. There are several categories of these rugs that have been named based on the regions in which they are made.

Some of the popular different categories of the Persian rugs include Kashan rugs, Tabriz rugs, Shiraz rugs, Sarouk rugs, Qom rugs, Nain, Jozan, Isfahan rugs, Heriz, Gabbeh, Afshar carpets, Arakh rugs, etc. Each of these categories have their own certain appeal due to their specific notes of art and design.

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