What are Tabriz Persian rugs?

Tabriz Persian rugs

What are Tabriz Persian rugs?

Tabriz Persian rugs are named on the famous city of Iran Tabriz which is populated by the Azerbaijanis. This city is situated in the northwest location of Iran and adjacent to turkey border. It is famous for the ancient weaving factories and of course the varieties of stunning Tabriz carpets of rugs. Tabriz rugs are very different from the common Persian rugs. These carpets have their own vast history and the pattern basis. Even Tabriz is famous for the classic antique varieties of the carpets in Iran.

A brief history of Tabriz rugs…

Tabriz is famous for the vast variety of rugs like pictorial, Herati, Figural and Medallion, etc. Tabriz was the center of rugs weaving artists and is the solid proof of transforming skills. The weaving skills were at the peak in the Tabriz during the time duration from the 12th to the 16th centuries. In the 19th century era, the skills were also inspired by the poetry of oriental poets as well as the covers of the books. They examined everything keenly and then developed the thoughts into beautiful Tabriz rugs. However, during the 20th century, they started to make the floral patterns on the rugs and these floral patterns are still in trend even today. Form the day of beginning to the present era the ancient skills were passed over to generations and the art flourished. In present time we get the finest material Tabriz carpets.

Key Features of Tabriz rugs…

Wide variety: –
We can find the Tabriz Persian rugs in different designs and even the varieties are based on the numbers of the raj. Raj is actually the numbers oh knots per 7 cm width of the rug. The raj can be ranged from 24 raj to 110 raj. The different type and color of threads are used for each type of knot which gives a different look to every Tabriz rug. The Tabriz Persian rugs are made traditionally by the selection of perfect ornamental designs and they prefer to use the navy blue, red or cream color background rugs.

String material: –

The string material used for making Tabriz rugs is mostly silk or cotton. Both of these strings are fine and soft. The silk string is preferred to make the best and fine quality rugs.

Extensive displays designs

Tabriz carpets are ancient and have more stunning display designs. These displays include medallion, figurative and even the 3d Persian rugs. The 3d Tabriz rugs are the modern shape of the rugs which looks mesmerizingly fascinating. The most common feature of Tabriz Persian rugs is the use of tightly packed knots for rugs and the extensive floral designs.

Unique feature: –
However, there is one thing which makes Tabriz rugs unique and that is the double weft of rugs. The rugs are mostly made of cotton or pure wool materials and in addition, contains the cotton wraps. Due to sharing the location near Turkey border the culture of Turkey also influences it. We can see the use of both Turkey Persian knots weaving in the Persian rugs.

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